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No. We have many vendors that run businesses out of their homes or have only virtual businesses. Part of our mission is to help bring light to all types of businesses that exist in a community and put them all on one website together.

Yes! Our site is adaptable to all types of businesses. You can sell services, event tickets, book quotes and more. Additionally, because of our 'Send Inquiry' feature that replaces the 'Add to Cart' button on lead-generation products, businesses can take advantage of the feel of an e-commerce product, but instead get a lead sent directly to their email inquiring about their specific product or service.

This site works best when it is a team effort from the all local business support organizations like the Kingston Economic Development Corporation, City of Kingston, Tourism Kingston, BIA/DTKBIA and the Chambers as well as all the businesses on the website. By collaborating with these local organizations, the site has credibility, influence, and reach within the community.

These organizations have a mandate to support local businesses and innovation and can assist our efforts by including the website into their own communications, publications and social media, and more. Businesses should also recommend and promote their own shops on the site, sharing content and local finds.

Additionally, Shop Local Kingston will promote the site through social media, press, and other outlets and utilize the existing users from the Support Local Giveaway website to promote, advertise and support all businesses on the SLK site, by offering e-vouchers and gift cards to participating businesses on the SLK site. We are also building email lists to send regular updates and special promotions to customers of both sites.

More Canadians are now shopping online, and more money is spent online through marketplace websites than individual websites. Consumers like to shop and compare all on one website, and marketplaces allow customers to compare and make decisions quicker than having to research several different companies or products through individual searches.

We are providing an additional channel to market and sell your products. You will be exposed to more customers that frequent the marketplace or came to visit other vendors on the site. Marketplaces are a prime spot for obtaining shoppers who do not know about you yet. The platform offers reduced marketing costs compared to other sales channels. When the platform is marketed, your business is also marketed at the same time.

The initial setup of your store can be done in ten minutes or less, which involves a few images, adding your social media accounts, connecting to a payment account, setting up your policies, and a few other key pieces of info. Adding products really depends on the amount of items/services you have to list.

Each product listing can be done in just a few minutes (possibly longer if you need to take photos or write product descriptions from scratch). However, once your store is set up and products are added, the website can really be used however you want for your specific business. Some businesses utilize the site as their main website, listing new products weekly, fulfilling orders often, and updating their offerings.

Other businesses prefer to just list stagnant product offerings and/or services that they do not need to keep up, only visiting the site when they have an order or a new lead inquiry.

The website is very easy to use and we have assistance if needed. If you can mange a Facebook or Instagram account, you can easily manage an SLK page.

Once a customer has finalized a purchase, they will have three (3) options.

1. They can arrange store pick up (curbside) that will be coordinated through the seller and buyer. We are seeking collaboration with the City of Kingston to establish a Shop Local Kingston storefront that can be a centralized pick-up or storage spot for products from several business and plan to have it as a showcase spot for local products. *pending approval

2. They can request local delivery. Shop Local Kingston has a built-in delivery app and we will be marketing to international and local students at the local schools and other available drivers. Once the order is confirmed available by the seller, an automated notification will be send out to all available SLK delivery drivers who have installed the app and passed the sign-up verifications. The first to accept the order will follow the instructions and pick up the items and then delivery. The buyer pays all delivery fees.

3. Buyers can opt to have their order shipped. Sellers will need to coordinate this on their own. This could be done from an individual store, or possibly from the depot if we are supported for that.